quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

CHTHONIC 'Souls Reposed' Trilogy

Seediq Bale(2007), Mirror of Retribution(2009), and Takasago Army(2011)

[Seediq Bale] / 2007

On the island of Taiwan, the indigenous Seediq Tribe lives high on Mount Wushe. They are fabled to have been borne from the fusion of giant trees and huge rocks thousands of years ago. Only those tribesmen who have survived a severe trial earn the honor to be tattooed on the face and become a "Seediq Bale" (or real Seediq).  These marks, too, signify that they may one day cross the rainbow bridge to join with the ancestors' ancient souls and receive eternal life. 

In 1895, the Japanese Empire began to govern its new colony, Taiwan. The forested mountains, the lands of the ancestral spirits, were scarred by the colonizers' demand for the harvest of the stately camphor trees.  Chief Mona Rudao led his people to submit to the well-armed Japanese authorities in order to survive the oppression.

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