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English Note: Chthonic: "Taiwan Metal"

Note from 2 August

Chthonic: "Taiwan Metal"

For Brazilians who bought their toys from Saint Seya in mid-1995, Bandai's where the realand the second line was Made in Taiwann, I will resubmit the response from "Beautiful Island" (meaning Taiwan) with the current and surprising Chthonic .

Since its participation as first eastern band at Ozzfest 2007, much has been said about the Chthonic, including in Brazil. At the time, the current album was the mystic Seediq Bale would be the first step of a very competent trilogy.

The first impression on Seediq Bale is that there is another Cradle of Filth. And they are Asian. However this is only a slight impression. The truth is that the levels reached on Chthonic melodic, mystical, which conceptual and structural of Cradle of Filth is far away.

After the impressive "Seediq Bale," the Taiwanese launched in 2009 the technical and obscure, "Mirror of Retribution" while maintaining its good structural and surprising the listener with a series of changes between light and heavy, melancholy and rage.

And in July 2011 with the release of Takasago Army, signed the Chthonic beliefs keeping the musical evolution that followed each album. This results in a break with the traditional black metal content. The Taiwanese have on issues such as freedom, democracy, patriotism and heroism, all in a cauldron full of oriental culture where Taiwanese heavy guitars, two strings violins and aborigines vocals are in harmony.

In the clip Takao, we can experience new perspectives, or hardly worked on the Extreme/Black Metal. This shows us that there is no label for the sound, but a good concept for an artwork.

Original Text in portuguese by Felipe Hänsell
English Translate by Ana Recalde

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